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The Rector Writes
Is it just the fact that I am now 40, or is this year going past at lightening speed! I can't believe that this is the summer double edition of the magazine already.

July of course is the month when our schools come to the end of another academic year, and prepare for their long summer break. The teaching staff go off on a well earned break, breathing a sigh of relief that it's all over for another year. The children look forward to the long hot summer (well we can hope anyway), playing with their friends, maybe getting away on holiday. And parents and grandparents look forward to six or seven weeks of pure joy, looking after their little 'darlings' and trying their best to think of things for them to do so that boredom doesn't set in. Roll on the summer holiday's!!! Oh! No! I hear some of you saying.

But of course holidays are important. I don't know about you, but I love having time to get away, be it a week on a sunny Greek Island, or an
afternoon on Southport beach, or a walk in the countryside, having time off away from all the pressures of life is just great. Even having the chance to spend a quiet afternoon in the garden, sitting on your favourite deckchair with an ice-cold lager or gin and tonic by your side, can in itself be heaven sent.
It is, I believe, important for all of us in this day and age to take some time for ourselves, to refresh ourselves and recharge our batteries and there is no better time for that than summer.

And finding time to recharge our batteries – to have a holiday – is something that is very biblical. Whilst it does not say in the Gospel’s that Jesus ever went to Tenerife, or Benidorm, or even the Jewish equivalent of Butlins, it does say, quite often, that Jesus took himself off to be alone, to have some time to himself. The implication being to me that he recharged his batteries.

So whatever you get up to this summer make sure that you find some time to recharge your own batteries and try to have a break from the ordinary concerns of life. If you do, you will be refreshed and

If you are getting away have a happy and safe holiday. If you are staying at home pamper yourself. Go on spoil yourself – you're worth it!!!!

With all good wishes


July 2016

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