What to do when someone dies

The Church of England can support you at this most difficult time both in terms of helping with the practicalities and supporting both spiritual and emotional needs.    

There are so many things to think about when someone dies and there are many resources available to help and advise.

Registering the Death:  A GP or Hospital Doctor will provide a certificate to be given to the local Registrar.  The Registrar will usually be able to provide you with advice on how to notify other relevant agencies but further information can also be obtained via .

Arranging a Funeral:  A Church of England funeral is available to everyone whether or not they have attended church.  There may be explicit wishes set out in the Will or your loved one may have talked about their specific wishes for their own funeral. 

A Church of England funeral does not have to be conducted within a Church.  There is a helpful website:  that provides a whole range of answers to some of the questions that you may have and this also provides a link to the umbrella organisations for funeral directors. 

Coping with Grief and Bereavement Advice: Grief is natural and it is normal. The journey through grief will vary and will be influenced by many things. 

Many people experiencing loss will have the support of family and friends along the way but not everyone has or indeed sometimes you just might want to speak to someone different. Pastoral visits can be arranged by contacting  Stephanie in the parish office on 0151 526 2292 or

Useful links

The following organisations may also be helpful:  (providing support where a child dies or is dying)  (supporting children who have experienced loss)

West Lancashire Bereavement Counselling Service:  Tel 01695 570729 or