…where you can find information about the events and resources that make our parish a great place in which to live. This website is sponsored by St Cuthbert Church and is operated by volunteers. Check out  the latest information on a wide range of facilities. Click on any of the buttons above and below. The ‘Halsall Community’ section provides details of  the latest news and events. The website also aims not only helps to raise funds for the ongoing repair and maintenance of St Cuthbert’s Church but also to inform you about our past with our ‘Archives’ section where you can view Church and Halsall School records, the Halsall Newsletter and other documents that date back to the 12th Century. Please note St Cuthbert and Halsall Community Hub cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of information provided or published. We do our best with very limited resources, but it is always worth checking when you can! Nor can we accept responsibility for the content of any external links. We hope you enjoy looking around our website and come back again soon as the site is regularly updated.

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